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Flow earrings in silver. A summery twist on the old classic hoop. Lightweight and striking in form and size. Made from brass with a silver plate finish.


Dimensions: 65mm x 75mm


*All earring posts and backs are sterling silver



We always recommend applying beauty products (perfumes, creams, hair products etc) before putting on your jewellery and removing it before showering or swimming.
Avoid using household or industrial products to clean your jewellery. Often gentle soap and water with a cotton ball will remove dirt as will Methylated spirits (use sparingly and then rinse). Jewellery dips and polishing cloths can also be used, but be aware if your jewellery has a surface treatment such as a patina like oxidised silver or gold plating, as these products can strip the surface when not used sparingly.

When your pieces are not being worn, always store them away in an airtight container to minimise exposure to airborne impurities and moisture. This will help avoid accelerated tarnishing.
To avoid scratches, each piece should be stored separately and bangles should always be stored flat.


Exposure to air, dust or other elements, particularly those containing sulfur, will cause sterling silver to tarnish more rapidly. There are a number of non-abrasive polishes on the market specifically designed to remove tarnish from silver. If you prefer to use a more eco approach, bicarbonate of soda or toothpaste can be applied gentle with a soft toothbrush and then rinsed under water. Pure silver will always tarnish at a slower rate to sterling silver as it does not contain copper. To minimise tarnishing, store your silver jewellery in a closed container such as a jewellery box and avoid contact with different metals.

See FAQ to find out about the difference between pure and sterling silver


As with most surface treatments, this matte black surface finish will naturally wear off over time depending on the amount of direct contact it has with the skin and clothing. While the piece is sealed with a hand applied archival quality wax to prolong the life of the surface treatment, the natural silver colour of the metal underneath will gradually expose itself naturally which is normal and part of the process.

We recommend avoiding cleaning the surface of any oxidised piece with jewellery cleaners or household cleaners as this is a sure way to strip the colour. A touch of methylated spirits applied with cotton ball will remove dirt followed a rinse with water.


In most cases we use a minimum of 22ct gold to plate our gold pieces and 18ct for rose gold.

Always remove your plated jewellery before exercise, swimming in chlorine or salt water and before showering as soaps and other products can damage the surface at a much more rapid rate.

Do not use abrasive cleaners on your plated pieces. Clean with warm water and a very soft brush (ie: toothbrush with soft bristles) and a mild soap only if necessary then rinse completely and blot dry with a microfiber or chamois cloth. Methylated spirits, used sparingly can also by used, followed by a thorough rinse. To prolong the life of your plated jewellery, always store it in a protective box away from direct harsh light and general airborne factors such as dust and chemicals etc.


Our brass jewellery has a ceramic nano coating to prevent tarnishing and therefore no abrasive cleaners should be used to polish your brass piece as this will removing the protective layer. Depending on frequency of wear, the coating will wear over time. This will be noticeable if the piece begins to tarnish, at which point a brass cleaner can easily be applied to the raw material to bring it back to the original colour you purchased it. Please get in contact if you have specific enquiries about your pieces.

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